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Loan Against Property (LAP)

A Loan against Property through Indiya Dreams Financial Service (IDFS) from our Financial Services Partners.

Loan Against Property facility to enable you to unlock the power of your property. You can mortgage your property to get a loan and meet all your financial requirements.

A loan against property (LAP) is a type of mortgage loan facility disbursed against residential property, commercial property or industrial property. The loan is given up to 100% of the property's market value depending on usage . This type of facility attracts a lower interest rate and has a tenure up to 15 years * and can be repaid in fixed monthly instalments. The funds can be used for various needs such as working capital in the business, buying assets or to repay existing debt.

Loan Purpose

  • Business Expansion
  • Education / Marriage expenses
  • Purchase of house
  • Improvement / Extension of existing Property
  • Medical Treatment
  • Any other personal Need

Loan Amount

Starts from 5Lacs upto As per the customer eligibility can be provided depending upon the merit of the proposal.


Individuals who are eligible for a loan against property:

Salaried individuals

  • Any individual who is in permanent service in the government or a reputed company or cash salary etc.
  • The applicant should be above 21 years of age at the time of loan commencement.
  • Cash salary accepted.

Self-employed individuals

  • Any individual filing with or without Income Tax returns can apply.
  • The applicant should be above 21 years of age at the time of loan commencement.

Self Employed Professionals

  • Professionals (i.e., doctors, engineers, dentists, architects, chartered accountants, cost accountants, company secretary, and management consultants only) can apply.
  • The applicant should be above 24 years of age at the time of loan commencement.

Indiya Dreams Financial Service Advantage

  • More than 10 product offerings to choose from – Benefit from customized programs to suit your needs.
  • Benefit Property any where India Loan amount above 1 cr.
  • We do LAP / HL – all over India.
  • Balance Transfer Facility + Additional Finance – Benefit from a higher loan amount at reduced interest rates.
  • One of the highest loans against the value of property (LTV) – Benefit from higher loan amounts on your property.
  • Straight line and Drop down OD for salaried customer

Reverse Mortgage Loan

  • Senior citizens of India (above 60 years of age) who own a residential property.
  • Check your borrowing limits.
  • Minimum Limit - Rs. 5,00,000.
  • Maximum Limit - Rs. 100,00,000.
  • Loan up to 60% of market value of residential property depending on age of borrowers.

Other Conditions

  • The borrower shall maintain the home as their permanent primary residence.
  • The borrower shall regularly pay the property taxes and insurance.
  • The home is maintained to preserve its value.
  • The residential property must be free from any encumbrances.

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